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Stretch of the Week: Arm Extension Bicep Stretch

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The third week of March is an Arm Extension Bicep Stretch. With this stretch, the arm will perform a backward reaching movement that you will feel in the top of the biceps, the chest and maybe a little into the forearm.

This movement can be difficult for some people to perform, so I’ve given a modification to make it easier that involves a strap. The strap will be the only accessory needed for this week’s stretch. Please skip this week if you have a shoulder injury.

How to perform:

  1. Stand tall with your feet hip distance apart. Take the right hand behind the back and reach over to grab the left arms elbow/forearm area as shown in the left “Back View” photo.

Modification: if you can’t reach the other arm, use a strap or belt around the arm as shown in the far right “Modified” photo.

  1. The left arm remains straight. With the support of the right hand (or strap) begin to reach and lift the left arm back as far as you comfortably can, as shown in the middle “Side View” photo. Remain standing tall and don’t bend forward while lifting your arm. Draw your shoulder blades down and toward one another to keep the chest from collapsing.
  1. Stay here for at least five breath cycles: each cycle includes one inhale and exhale. Then switch and do the other arm. If this is a difficult stretch for you to do, you may want to work it in to your daily routine!

Stretch of the Week: Arm Extension Bicep Stretch

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