Athletico remains open as a provider of essential services and is committed to keeping our patients safe related to COVID-19. Learn More.

Workers' CompensationWe Go To Work For You

By providing Work Comp services, educating employees on safe work habits, and creating environments where injuries are preventable, Athletico Physical Therapy goes to work for you. We’ve built proven programs that reduce cost, promote wellness, treat on the job injuries when they occur and return workers to their jobs with minimal risk for future injuries. Our services make the entire process cost-effective and efficient for everyone involved.

Virtual Wellness Services and Temperature Screenings for Employers

In response to COVID-19, Athletico is now offering Virtual Wellness Services. We believe that offering early intervention and ergonomics via telehealth will provide the employers that we serve with a reliable telehealth option that aligns with OSHA and CDC guidelines, while continuing to protect the musculoskeletal health and productivity of the workforce.
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Athletico is also conducting onsite workforce temperature screenings to protect your workforce from COVID-19. Our staff will conduct a touch-free temperature scan on all your employees.
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The Athletico Work Comp Difference

  • Comprehensive. Our clinical and occupational experts treat on-the-job injuries to help injured workers return to work with minimal risk of re-injury.
  • Convenient. Patients can schedule an appointment at any of our convenient locations. We’ll see you fast, sometimes the same or next day, but always within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Customized. Our specialists develop job specific, return-to-work goals tailored for the injured worker’s health and job description.
  • Coordinated Communication. We go above and beyond to handle workers’ compensation care. Our integrated approach provides timely communication to employers, physicians, case managers and legal representatives. In addition to rehabilitation, we also provide 24-hour notice of patient cancellations or no-shows for scheduled appointments.
If you have more questions about our workers’ compensation acute care services, please contact us at 888-8-WORK4U.

We Help Design Safer Workplaces

Our industrial wellness specialists evaluate workplace environments and systems. Our comprehensive ergonomic analysis will identify high risk areas and provide employers with solutions to reduce injury. A key to ergonomics is also addressing the Worker. Our specialists can evaluate your employees’ physical work habits to help establish safer on-the job techniques to reduce risk. We develop programs to train, equip and support risk managers and safety professionals, which provide different tools to strengthen the occupational health and wellness for everyone. Our programs can help your workplace achieve long-term success with fewer injuries and ultimately reduce overall cost.

Watch the video below to see how we help create a safer workplace!

Our services include:

Wellness, Injury Prevention and Educational Services

  • Ergonomic Risk Analysis
  • Job analysis
  • Injury prevention program and strategies
  • Post-offer/Pre-employment testing
  • Spine control classes to prevent and alleviate back pain (body mechanic training)
  • Shoulder Injury Prevention Classes
  • Computer work station analysis and education programs

Onsite Employer Services

  • Onsite industrial wellness specialist (athletic trainer or physical therapist)
  • Job-site evaluations
  • Work Smart education programs
    • Stretch and Flex program development
    • Healthy shoulder

Additional Services and Treatment

Employer Services Terms and Conditions

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