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Musculoskeletal disorders cost businesses in the United States more than $20 Billion every year. Managing musculoskeletal injuries can be complex, costly, and ambiguous. Not to mention, the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries requires experts and job-specific interventions and can feel like an unachievable goal.

How Athletico Can Help

Our comprehensive workforce safety solutions help employers manage musculoskeletal spend through best-in-class prevention and treatment services to optimize performance, reduce workers’ compensation claims, costs, and lost time.

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Our Employer Solutions Work. Need Proof?

Within a year of partnering with Athletico Employer Solutions, Vulcan Materials Company received zero recordable injuries at its largest Illinois quarry for the first time in nearly a decade.

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Athletico is proud to offer our Early Intervention Program, designed to provide thorough and regular assessments of your employees’ soreness and discomfort before it becomes an injury. Employees will have access to expert consultation and OSHA First Aid while reinforcing stretching, body mechanics, and other risk avoidance techniques.

“Having Athletico onsite was crucial in helping us achieve our first year of zero recordable injuries in over a decade. Their Employer Performance Solutions are excellent at managing our employees’ health, and has led to increased morale and productivity, since our employees know we have their best interests at heart. The best part is that Athletico’s system has decreased our overall workers’ compensation costs at the same time –talk about a win-win.”
– Safety Director, Vulcan Materials (Chicago, Illinois)

“Having Athletico onsite has been instrumental in helping us achieve our lowest recordable injuries incident rate on record in Missouri. There has been a reduction in our overall recordable incident rate of 36% from the previous year. Our collaboration with Athletico also led to a 63% reduction in overall work-comp dollars spent from the previous year.“
– Director, Safety & Health, Missouri American Water (St. Louis, MO)

Employee Testimonial

Hear firsthand from an employee on how they had addressed soreness early before it became an injury with Athletico’s Industrial Wellness Specialists on site.

Employer Testimonial

Hear firsthand from Safety Manager, Ryan on how they addressed soreness before it became an injury with Athletico’s Industrial Wellness Specialists on site.

Proud Member of IAAP

As a member of the Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers (IAAP), we are proud to support the IAAP’s mission to promote and protect Illinois’ industrial mining industry through advocacy and education to ensure a regulatory and business climate focused on industry growth, safety and sustainability.

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