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direct access physical therapy without a prescriptionDirect Access: In Many States You Don’t Need A Prescription to Start Physical Therapy

Did you know physical therapy can be the solution to help get you back to doing the things you love? Come see us first, without a prescription in many states, and we can help you recover from different pains, sprains or strains in your joints, back, knees or muscles.

Some states require you to see a physician and get a prescription before seeing one of our physical therapists. However, a prescription is not required in several states where we have clinics. This means you have direct access to physical therapy, without the need for a referral or prescription from your physician. Direct access provides you with an immediate physical therapy option that allows you to start your treatment as soon as possible.

Early intervention of physical therapy can eliminate the need for unnecessary medication, surgery or extensive imaging tests – including X-Rays, MRIs and CT scans. And if you do need to see a specialist, our therapists will refer you to the right healthcare professionals. This ensures that you receive the quality care you need, right from the beginning.

Choose physical therapy first to eliminate pain, optimize your function and be one step closer to living pain free.

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You can get direct access to start your treatment at all of our clinics in the following states (Direct access rules vary by state):

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