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To contact us, please select a category below. Your message and contact information will be delivered to the appropriate Athletico department. We appreciate your communication and welcome your questions. We are dedicated to providing the best care and service possible. Athletico Physical Therapy strives to continuously improve our company with your help. We are committed to learning from the communities we serve every day and look forward to receiving your request.

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Athletico’s Toll-Free Injury Hotline

Athletico has created an Injury Hotline available to anyone who sustains an injury or has questions about chronic pain, strains or injuries.  A certified and licensed athletic trainer (AT) will answer your questions regarding your injury and direct you appropriately for care.  ATs are highly skilled allied health professionals who are trained to assess injuries sustained during athletic events.  Through Athletico’s Injury Hotline, an AT will discuss the injury and educate the caller on how to safely care for their injury until they can be seen by a doctor. They can also determine if an individual’s injury is significant enough to seek immediate medical attention. Callers may access the Injury Hotline by calling toll-free: 1-877-ATHLETICO (877-284-5384)


Athletico’s business staff will assist you on an individual basis filing all insurance claims. In addition to accepting numerous insurance plans, Athletico is also Medicare certified. We will do everything in our power to accommodate each individual. Please feel free to contact our Billing Center associates at 630-575-6250 for assistance.

Athletico Resource Center

2122 York Road, Ste. 300
Oak Brook, IL 60523
tel: 630.575.6200
fax: 630.575.7400

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