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Over 50 Athletico Physical Therapy Clinics Honored with National Outcomes Award

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Athletico Physical Therapy is proud to announce that 54 of its clinics received The FOTO Outcomes Excellence Award from Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. (FOTO®). Healthcare providers that exceed the national average for efficient and functional patient progress earn this award each quarter. Over the past year, Athletico has seen an increase of over 150 percent of its clinics receiving this award.

“It is a credible reflection regarding the care and service that we are providing,” Athletico’s Director of Leadership Development and Clinical Outcomes, Daphne Scott said. “Over time, as we’ve been getting more and more feedback, we are able to focus attention on where treatment needs to be improved on a global and individual level.”

Select groups of healthcare providers across the country receive recognition of their achievements in effective patient treatment. Athletico Physical Therapy began using FOTO as a measurement tool in 2011. Therapists are able to have a clear and accurate depiction of how the patient is progressing towards their goals on a national level.

“Measuring outcomes and being benchmarked against other physical therapy and occupational therapy providers nationally forces us to get better every day,” Scott said. “FOTO is a differentiator for us because it enhances everyone’s own internal commitment to become the best providers we can be.”

FOTO reports compare treatment effectiveness, efficiency and patient satisfaction. Considered the standard in measuring functional outcomes in rehabilitation, FOTO enables Athletico to deliver specific and personalized attention based on patients’ needs.

“We strive to provide the most effective and efficient care and combine that with excellent patient service,” President of Athletico Physical Therapy Mark Kaufman said. “Measuring outcomes provides us with a foundation for improving care, service and efficiency.”

Click here for a complete list of Athletico facilities to receive The FOTO Outcomes Excellence Award from Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes.

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