Athletico Garfield Ridge Welcomes Girls in the Game for Leader-to-Leader Day

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Four Girls in the Game Summer Squad teens visited Athletico Garfield Ridge on July 24, 2012 for a Leader-to-Leader Day to observe the careers of women at Athletico.  Summer Squad is a four-week summer leadership program for girls ages 14-18 that teaches the girls about different aspects of sports, health, and leadership each week.

The day started off with the girls interviewing Sarah Clough, physical therapist at Athletico Garfield Ridge, about various aspects of her profession, including schooling requirements, job duties, and likes and dislikes of the job.  The girls were able to tell her about their own experiences with Girls in the Game, as well.  After the interview, the teens had a chance to shadow different professions within the clinic: a physical therapist, massage therapist, or personal trainer.  They observed as the women worked with patients and clients.

The girls ate lunch with Sarah before moving onto an activity that involved brainstorming exercises for different parts of the body.  Another game followed in which the teens each had a balloon that they had to protect while attempting to pop others’ balloons.  Sarah said games like this are creative ways to exercise.

The girls greatly appreciated the chance to meet and observe the women at Athletico.  They enjoyed listening to their advice and sharing with the leaders the impact that Girls in the Game has made in their lives by teaching them valuable leadership skills. “She was really energetic and open to telling us about her experiences,” one teen said about Sarah.  The girls left with an interest in fitness and improved knowledge of various clinical professions, parts of the body, and nutrition!

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