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Athletico Kicks off 2014-2015 Affiliate Year

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Athletico Kicks off 2014-2015 Affiliate YearThe Athletico Athletic Training (AT) Department kicked off the school year with their annual Orientation Week and Fall All Athletic Trainers Meeting. Athletico welcomes 30 new employees to our staff and looks forward to their service at new and existing affiliate partnerships. Events at the Kick-off included learning about building relationships with parents, coaches and physicians, goal setting around personal growth, and learning from Athletico leadership about the best practices of quality customer service. The week concluded with the Fall All AT Meeting held at the Big Ten Conference Headquarters in Rosemont. Over 150 of our staff ATs got together prior to the affiliate year and hear messages from the leadership team.  Athletic Trainers learned about new concussion baseline technology that can be used in the high school setting.  In addition, Athletic Trainers learned about current Athletico resources like Video Gait Analysis and Video Throwing Analysis that will be able to assist their student-athletes.  Dr. Michael Terry, Team Physician for the Chicago Blackhawks, also spoke about hip injuries and rehabilitation. Thanks to Dr. Terry for presenting and the Big Ten for being a great partner and host!

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