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AthletiCo Opens Physical Therapy Facility in Plainfield

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Nine things Plainfield residents should know about AthletiCo Plainfield

AthletiCo Physical and Occupational Therapy opened its newest physical therapy facility at 24402 W. Lockport Street in Plainfield, Illinois.  Wondering how this will benefit you?  Here are nine things Plainfield residents should know about AthletiCo Plainfield:
AthletiCo Opens Physical Therapy Facility in Plainfield
1.  AthletiCo Plainfield provides physical therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, sports medicine, work rehabilitation, work conditioning, functional capacity evaluations, spine control classes, and video throwing analysis.

2.  The facility is easily accessible to the community, located in the town square at the west end of downtown Plainfield.

3.  If an injury is preventing you from driving, AthletiCo has transportation services available to make sure you don’t miss a physical therapy session.

4.  The facility will be managed by Caleb Syfert, a licensed physical therapist and certified athletic trainer whose wife was born and raised in Plainfield back when it was a small town with only one high school. Caleb is now looking to help more than his wife’s family stay healthy and active.

5.  Caleb is motivated by patients who have lived in pain for years and don’t think physical therapy is going to help them. The look on these patients’ faces when their pain level decreases and their motion and function improve is priceless.
AthletiCo Opens Physical Therapy Facility in Plainfield
6.  Caleb became a physical therapist after a friend was diagnosed with an AVM (arterial-venous malformation) in his brain and underwent surgery.  While in recovery, all his friend could talk about was how much fun physical therapy was and how much it was helping him function.  Caleb wanted to have such a positive effect on one’s life.

7.   AthletiCo Plainfield will not only rehabilitate your current injuries, but the staff will also educate you and give you the tools necessary to prevent and fix future injuries related to all your daily activities.

8.   AthletiCo staff work with many local physicians in the Plainfield area and can assist you with physician referrals.

9.  Last but not least, if you happen to stand up to celebrate our opening and your celebration is cut short because you are in pain, AthletiCo Plainfield offers complimentary injury screenings—your chance for a free assessment by a licensed physical therapist or athletic trainer to evaluate your injury, answer questions, and recommend next options.

If you want to know more about AthletiCo Plainfield or are in need of scheduling a complimentary injury screening, give Caleb Syfert a call at 815-609-7000 or email him at

AthletiCo Plainfield
24402 W. Lockport St., Suite 100
Plainfield, IL 60544
Phone: 815-609-7000
Fax: 815-609-7002


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