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Rejuvenation and AthletiCo Join Forces

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Rejuvenation Prevention and RehabilitationRejuvenation Prevention & Rehabilitation™, a unique line of injury prevention and rehabilitation fitness products, joined forces with fellow Chicago-based rehabilitation provider, AthletiCo, to create a series of instructional DVDs for the Rejuvenation™ Alignment and Mobility Kit.  In addition to the DVDs, the kit comes with a foam roller used to improve alignment and hip mobility while increasing core flexibility.  The Alignment & Mobility Kit also targets legs, back, arms and core.

In addition to their close proximity to one another, the companies’ similar goals to restore the body, prevent injury, build muscle and maintain the solid foundation that is essential for optimal performance today, tomorrow and beyond, make Rejuvenation and AthletiCo’s partnership a natural alliance.

AthletiCo physical therapists provided analysis on the product, assisted in the content development for the DVD, and demonstrated the correct mechanics for product use throughout the DVD.  Now, after successfully launching the companies’ first collaborative kit in over 1,200 Target stores nationwide, Rejuvenation looks forward to working with AthletiCo again in the near future to create additional media and training programs together.

Rejuvenation Prevention & Rehabilitation™ is a complete line of premium quality fitness products specifically created to aid in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Designed by experts to help renew and restore the body as well as rehabilitate and prevent injury by building strength, increasing flexibility, improving range of motion and boosting muscle endurance, each Rejuvenation™ product’s revolutionary design and state of the art innovations, work towards the company’s overall goal of helping you live longer, stay fit and be healthy.  Rejuvenation Prevention and Rehabilitation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pivotal 5, Inc.

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