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The Job Search: Doing Your Research

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If you thought your days of research were finished when you turned in that last school paper, you may want to reevaluate.

Conducting research during the job search can be one of the best investments you make in yourself. Whether you’re looking for a new position or wanting to change industries, a little time spent gathering information can go a long way.

Here are three tips for conducting research to help with your job search:

Research the Basics

When getting ready for a career change, it is a good idea to spend some time investigating market players and skills needed to actually do the job you are interested in.

To get started, review requirements on job postings and familiarize yourself with what kind of education or training may be required. This will give you a starting point by helping you learn which skills you already have and which skills you may need to gain. Also consider doing informational interviews with someone that has experience in the role you are interested in. This will give you access to insider perspective and opinions. Plus, you may learn something you had never even thought of before!

Research the Industry

Arm yourself with information about industry trends, struggles and leaders. This will not only allow you to be informed and engaged when you land the job, but it will also allow you to speak intelligently and ask pertinent, well-planned questions in interviews. Utilize news websites, industry publications and company websites/blogs to equip yourself with valuable knowledge that will give you a leg up during  interviews.

Research the Company

Last, but definitely not least, do your research on the company you are interviewing with!

Nothing speaks louder to an interviewer than when the interviewee can’t comment on the basics of the company. At a minimum, know the CEO, company values and the core functions of the business. Another good idea is to conduct a search on recent company news and read their blog (if they have one) to gain further insight.  Not only will this allow you to connect with the interviewer in an entirely different way, but it shows you were prepared and genuinely invested in working for them.

Stay ahead of the competition!  No matter the job change you have your sights set on, doing the appropriate research during the job search process will not only get you prepared, but also position you for success when you land an interview for your dream job.

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