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Stretch of the Week: Self-Massage for the Wrist

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The final stretch for August features two self-massage techniques for the wrist.

You will need a tennis ball and a table or hard surface to perform these techniques. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, it is recommended to consult with your physician, physical or occupational therapist to determine which exercises are best for you.

How to perform:

Technique 1:

  1. Place the tennis ball on the hard surface. Then place the bottom of your wrist, right at the palm, on the tennis ball (see the starting position image). Keep your fingers spread and hand active throughout this technique.
  2. From here, gently roll the ball down the bottom of the forearm a few inches and then back to the wrist. You have control over how much pressure is applied. Be careful to not apply too much pressure at the joint, as this can cause numbness and tingling. Do this for 5-10 minutes.

self massage for the wrist 1

Technique 2:

  1. Start in the same position as technique one.
  2. Keep your hand active as outlined in the previous technique. Then, gently roll the tennis ball right to left along the bottom of your palm. This will impact the muscles of your hand that tend to get tight with repetitive motions and prolonged gripping. Again you have control over the amount of pressure applied here, so avoid anything that is sharply painful or causes numbness and tingling. Do this for 5-10 minutes.

self massage for the wrist 2

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