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Stretch of the Week: Top of the Foot Stretch

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In the third week of September we will be performing the Top of the Foot Stretch.

This is a bonus stretch because in addition to stretching the top of the foot, it stretches the shin muscles too! To perform this stretch you will need a sturdy chair. Please do not attempt this stretch if you have any foot or shin injuries.

How to perform:

Just like last week, this stretch has three intensities. Please choose the one that is best suited for your body.


First position:

  1. Sit at the edge of the chair’s seat with both feet firmly planted on the floor. Take the left foot back so the knee points toward the floor. Keep in mind that the further back the foot, the less intense the stretch. Let the toe nails lay on the floor. Gently press down on the foot until you begin to feel a stretch through the top of the foot. Stay sitting tall, hands pressing into the seat of the chair. Look at the photo marked “1st Position” to view the correct alignment.

Second position:

  1. Repeat step one. Now drag the foot forward several inches. Again gently pressing your toe nails onto the floor. Try to keep your knees even and remain sitting tall. Look at the photo marked “2nd Position” to view the correct alignment.

Third position:

  1. Repeat steps one and two. For the most intense stretch the toes will be directly under the knee. Again, remain gently pressing down on the top of the foot. Look at the photo marked “3rd position” to view the correct alignment.
  1. Stay in position for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Then, gently lift your foot off the floor and place the sole of your foot to floor. Repeat with the opposite foot.

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1 Comment

  1. Fortini Athanasakos

    Hello, can the stretch for the top of the foot help if you have arthritis on top of both feet. I get a lot of pain after walking or standing. The pain is on top of both feet. I get no pain underneath my feet.
    Kind regards,

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