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physical therapy career search - why details are so important

Job Search: Why Details are Important

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You have likely heard the phrase “the devil is in the details,” which suggests the importance of paying attention to the details of a project because this is typically where mistakes happen.

This phrase should be kept top of mind for job seekers in the job search process. After all, a small mistake in a resume or job application can be the difference between landing an interview and ending up in the “No” pile.

Why Details are Important

Establishes a great first impression

If proper spelling, accuracy and other details aren’t correct in your first interaction with an employer, it sends the message that those same details won’t be important if you are hired.  Although the majority of details won’t stand out when correct, they will certainly stand out if they are wrong.

Shows you care about the job

Employers want the right fit when they are making a hiring decision. From an employer’s point of view, why should they hire you if you don’t care enough to be meticulous and detailed at the first interaction?

Sends a message about your work style

Especially in the healthcare field, where accuracy is literally life changing, employers will be paying attention to details from the start. A polished application and supporting materials suggests a professional work style.

Errors can discredit you

Perhaps your cover letter and resume say you have great communication skills, or that you’re detail-oriented. These are excellent qualities that employers seek, but having errors in your application is a direct contrast to your assertions.

Where to Pay Attention to Details


  • Formatting – ensure that the format of your resume is consistent throughout the entire document.
  • Voice – speak directly to the position you are applying for via personalization.

Cover Letter:

  • Addressee – do a little research and find someone specific to address the cover letter to. A hiring manager is great, but a team or even department are good too.
  • Why that company specifically – speak to why you are a good fit for the company and position you are applying.


  • Completion – in addition to the application being filled out in its entirety, ensure any fields that pull information from your uploaded resume populate accurately.
  • Uploads – Since uploaded documents can lose their formatting when opened on different computers, make sure to double check your attachment or save and attach your files as a PDF.
  • Versions – Once your documents are uploaded, open them up to ensure you have selected the correct versions. It’s a quick step, but could prevent an avoidable mistake.
  • Capitalization and other spelling or formatting – is your name actually spelled in all capital or lowercase letters? If not, correct this before submitting.

As always, proofread any documents you are submitting. Check for spelling, sentence structure and readability. It is also helpful to have another pair of eyes (or two!) review those documents. A fresh look might catch something new that didn’t stand out to you.

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1 Comment

  1. Shammy Peterson

    I found it helpful when you said that your cover letter must include the reason why you are a good fit for the company. This reminded me of a friend who has been disabled due to an auto accident 5 months ago. He wants to find a job, so it is crucial for him to find a career that will suit his skills. I will ask him to consider your tips to easily find a job.

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