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Bonus Stretch of the Week: Butterfly Stretch

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We are offering a bonus stretch as we close up the first month of 2017. This month’s last inner thigh stretch also gets into the backside of the hips, the glutes and piriformis muscles. It is called the Butterfly Stretch.

You need a yoga block for this stretch, but a big book might work as well. If you have a hip injury or difficulty getting up and down from the floor, please skip this week’s stretch.

How to perform:

  1. Take a seat on the floor with your legs extended as shown in the “Starting Position” photo. Then, bend your knees until you can bring the soles of the feet together – as shown in “Step 2” photo. The feet will be about a foot or so away from you.
  1. Exhale, draw the belly button to the spine, and begin to fold your body toward your feet. Keep your gaze just past the feet to keep your upper back from rounding too much, as shown in the “No” photo. If you can reach your feet with your hands, go ahead and grab them. If you can’t, then place your hands to your thighs and gently press toward the floor to assist the stretch. Also press your heels into one another so you don’t just “hang” in the hip joints.

*If you aren’t feeling much stretch, place a yoga block or big book under the feet to deepen the stretch, as shown in the “Advanced” photo.

  1. Stay in this position for up to five minutes. To come out of the stretch, inhale to rise up, then bring your knees together.

stretch of the week - butterfly stretch

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