Athletic Trainers are like superheroes Athletic Trainers are like superheroes Athletic Trainers are like superheroes

5 Ways Athletic Trainers are Like Superheroes

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Look out on the field! It’s a bird, it’s a plane… no, it’s an Athletic Trainer!

Okay, so maybe athletic trainers (ATs) can’t fly, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have super powers! Just as Superman and Batman use their skills to save the day, ATs use their skills to protect and care for the athletes they work with. When someone is in trouble, ATs leap into immediate action.

ATs are like Superman

ATs blend in behind the bench like Superman blends into a newsroom with his
unassuming alter-ego Clark Kent. However, instead of using x-ray vision to spot trouble, ATs use their education and experience to identify and treat player injuries like torn ACLs, dislocated shoulders, hamstrings, strains, labral tears and broken tibias (to name a few).

ATs are like The Flash

Not only are ATs quick to jump into action when an unexpected injury occurs, but they also provide treatment to help athletes heal as fast as possible. Whether it’s a minor ankle sprain or a cervical spine fracture requiring CPR and spine board transport to a hospital, ATs are trained to provide quick and dependable medical care.

ATs are like Wonder Woman

Just as Wonder Woman uses her shield for protection, ATs use equipment like helmets and pads to protect the athletes they work with. In addition to simply having the equipment on hand, ATs are on the sidelines helping athletes put on equipment properly to ensure maximum protection.

ATs are like Batman

The athletic training room is like an AT’s Batcave. This is where ATs house their rehab equipment, therapeutic modalities, taping supplies and wound care supplies. This is also the
place where ATs treat athletes and complete administrative work. Although all athletic training rooms look different, these rooms act as headquarters for all ATs.

ATs are like the Justice League

ATs are part of a team, similar to the superheroes who make up the Justice League (or the Avengers, if you prefer Marvel). ATs partner with doctors, surgeons, physical therapists and coaches to create a Sports Medicine Team. This team works together to provide maximum protection to athletes. ATs are a vital part of this team, as they help keep patients on track with their rehabilitation programs to optimize the healing process.

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

ATs are skilled healthcare professionals who are responsible for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. Although ATs may not wear capes or have superhuman strength, they do have the knowledge and experience needed to protect the people they work with.

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