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Stretch of the Week: Gate Pose

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May’s third stretch of the week is taken from yoga, called the Gate Pose. This stretch targets the sides of the body and inner thighs.

For an added strength component to this week’s stretch you will need a Bosu® Ball. If you do not have one, you can also perform this stretch without one. Please skip this week’s stretch if you have knee injuries or difficulty getting up and down from the floor.

How to perform:

*If you have tightness in your inner thighs, please stick with the modified version of this stretch.

  1. Place the flat side of the Bosu® Ball on the floor. Bring your right knee to the center of the Bosu®. Make sure the right knee and hip are stacked (hip directly over the knee), and that your right foot is directly behind your knee with the nails of your toes resting on the floor.

Modified Version (top photos): Take your left leg to the side with your knee bent and foot on the floor. The left knee and ankle should be stacked, and your left foot should be in line with your right knee, as shown in the top left photo. Inhale and reach your arms out wide. Exhale and draw the belly in toward the spine and bend to your left side, with your left arm sliding down on the inside of your left leg toward the floor as shown in the top right photo. Press both feet into the floor and keep your abs actively engaged as you rotate your torso toward the ceiling. The farther you lean to the left the more strength you will need to balance on the Bosu® Ball.

Full Stretch (bottom photos): Repeat the Modified Version instructions, but now with a straight left leg instead of bent. Point the sole of your left foot toward the floor if possible, as shown in the bottom photos.

  1. Stay in the stretch for one minute. Inhale to slowly come all the way up to center and then switch legs to stretch the other side.

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