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Stretch of the Week: Lunge to Half Splits

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For the third week of our dynamic stretching month, we will be performing the Lunge to Half Splits Stretch. This will stretch the hamstrings as well as the quadriceps muscles.

Depending on your flexibility, you may need two yoga blocks, or something similar like large books, to perform this stretch. If you have knee problems, please skip this week’s stretch. If you have low back or hamstring injuries, please consult your doctor before performing.

How to perform:

  1. Start on all fours. Take your right foot and place it between your hands to come into a low lunge position. Your right heel should be directly under your right knee. You can wiggle the left leg back a few inches to get a little deeper into the lunge. Keep the toes on your left foot pointed directly back. If your hands don’t touch the floor, then place yoga blocks, books, or something similar under them to bring yourself up slightly. As you inhale sink a little deeper into the front leg, lift your chest and gaze up, as shown in the top photo marked “Inhale.”
  1. As you exhale, shift your left hip back so it sits directly over your left knee and straighten the right leg. This is the Half Splits stretch. Make sure your right toes point to the sky as shown in the bottom photo marked “Exhale.” Press your belly button to your spine to keep your back from rounding. Again, if your hands don’t touch the floor, use yoga blocks, books or something similar, to bring yourself up.
  1. As you inhale, shift forward into the lunge again then exhale back to the half splits. Go between these two movements as you inhale and exhale for several more rounds. Then take the right leg back to all fours and switch sides.

stretch of the week lunge to half splits

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