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Stretch of the Week: Half Moon Arm Circles

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For the final week of August’s dynamic stretching, we will be performing Half Moon Arm Circles. The name is derived from yoga, as the first stage is the Half Moon Pose. You will feel this stretch in the sides of the body, and it will also go through the range of motion of the arm.

If you have a shoulder injury please skip this week’s stretch or consult or doctor before performing.

How to perform:

  1. Stand tall and straight with your feet one inch apart. Keep your arms down by your sides as shown in the photo marked “1.”
  1. As you inhale, lift your right arm up along your right ear like you are reaching for the sky. Pull your belly button to your spine, keep both feet firmly planted to the floor and slightly side bend to the left as shown in the photo marked “2.” Gaze will be up past your arm to the sky.
  1. As you begin to exhale, take your right arm down in front of your face. Turn your gaze more to the floor. Keep your arm straight as shown in the photo marked “3.” Maintain muscle engagements as in step two.
  1. As you finish the exhale, begin to bring your arm back to the starting position to complete the circle as shown in the photo marked “4.” Your gaze should be completely at the floor now.
  1. Repeat for 10 circles on the right arm. Always inhale as the arm comes up and then exhale as the arm comes down. Then come back to the starting position and do 10 more circles with the left arm.

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  1. Terry Abrams

    Love this stretch! I will definitely be using this on my patients to work on ROM of the arm as well as core and back stretching.

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