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Stretch of the Week: Side Angle Stretch

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Welcome back for another month of weekly stretches! This month we are stretching our inner thighs, and the first week we will be performing the Side Angle Stretch. You will feel the stretch from your groin muscles to your inner knee muscles, as well as in the side of your body from your hip to your armpit.

Please consult your doctor before preforming this stretch if you have difficulty bearing weight in the legs, knee pain or low back pain.

How to perform:

  1. Take a wide legged stance with your hands on your hips as shown in the photo marked “Step 1.” Feet are roughly 3 1/2 – 4 feet apart. Toes are pointed forward.
  1. Turn your left foot 90 degrees as shown in the photo marked “Step 2.” Line your left heel up with your right foot’s arch.
  1. Bend your left knee and stack your shoulders over your hips as shown in the photo marked “Step 3.” Press your left knee in the direction of your left pinky toe. This will help prevent your knee from collapsing inward.
  1. On an exhale, press your belly button to your spine and side bend to your left. Place your left forearm on your left thigh. Sweep your right arm over head by your right ear as shown in the photo marked “Step 4.” Flatten out your left ribs toward the floor as you continue to press your belly button to your spine. Make your right heel heavy into the floor for stabilization. For more stretch on the inner left thigh, place your left forearm on the inside of your left knee and press slightly into your leg with your arm. Stay in this position for 30 seconds.
  1. On an inhale, press firmly into your right heel, reach your right arm up to the ceiling and draw yourself back up to your starting position. Turn your feet forward and repeat on the other side.

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