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Stretch of the Week: Deep Squat Stretch

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For the third week of November, we will be performing a very Deep Squat Stretch. You will feel this stretch in your inner thighs, ankles and lower back.

To make this stretch more accessible, you will need two yoga blocks or two large books. Please do not perform this stretch if you currently have low back, ankle or knee pain.

How to perform:

  1. Stack both blocks on top of each other. Step in front of the blocks as shown in the photo marked, “Starting Position.”
  1. Step your feet slightly wider than your hips. Squat down and take a seat on the blocks as shown in the photo marked, “Beginner.” Point your toes slightly outward and track your knees in the same direction as your toes. Place your elbows on the insides of your knees and press your palms together. Press your elbows into the insides of your thighs as you press your thighs into your elbows. This action helps to lift your chest up and reach your tailbone down. Engage your abdominals by pressing your belly button to your spine.
  1. If the Beginner position feels easy to you, you can remove the top block and sit down on the bottom block as shown in the photo marked “Intermediate.”
  1. If the Intermediate position feels stable and you want to try a deeper stretch, you can remove all blocks, as shown in the “Advanced” photo. This position will strengthen the front of your shins as well.
  1. Stay in the position that feels best to you for up to one minute. Then press into your heels to rise back up to standing.

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