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Stretch of the Week: Simple Trapezius Stretch

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The holidays can be stressful and many of us hold our stress in our shoulders, causing headaches and clenching of the jaw. This is why December’s weekly stretches will focus on the upper trapezius and muscles along the side of the neck.

For the first week of December, we will be performing a Simple Trapezius Stretch. It will stretch your upper trapezius and the many little muscles in the side of your neck. Please do not perform this stretch or consult your doctor before performing if you have any neck injuries.

How to perform:

  1. Take a seat in a chair. This stretch can also be performed standing if needed. Place your left hand across your stomach area as shown in photo 1.
  1. Place your right hand to your left temple. Begin to side bend your head to the right. Assist the stretch by gently pulling the head over to the right with the right hand. Reach your left shoulder away from your left ear as shown in photo 2.
  1. Stay in this position for at least 30 seconds then switch sides. Short, sweet and effective!

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