Exercising in the Heat? Take this Quiz! Exercising in the Heat? Take this Quiz! Exercising in the Heat? Take this Quiz!

Exercising in the Heat? Take this Quiz!

by Tara Hackney, PT, DPT, OCS, KTTPLeave a Comment

As the summer months heat up, so do many people’s outdoor exercise routines. However, exercising outdoors in the summertime can put you at risk for overheating. Take the quiz below to find out how much you know about protecting yourself from heat illness.

1. Which of these is the most severe heat illness?

Correct Answer: B. Heat stroke - Heat stroke means the brain has been compromised and is life threatening if left untreated.

2. What are some signs of heat exhaustion?

Correct Answer: E. All of the above. Other symptoms can include weakness, nausea and muscle cramps.

3. What are some factors that can increase the risk of heat illness?

Correct Answer: D. All of the above. Other factors that can increase the risk of heat illness include age over 40, alcohol consumption in the last 24 hours, sleep deprivation and previous heat injury.

4. How can you try to prevent heat illness?

Correct Answer: C. Drink lots of water - Outdoor workouts should be conducted earlier or later in the day to avoid heat injury when the temperature is the hottest, which is typically midday. Also allow for recovery periods and rest from the heat instead of performing prolonged workouts. Gear and padding should be minimal and gradually increase if needed when exercising outdoors.

5. What should you do if you suspect heat illness in yourself or others?

Correct Answer: A. cool the body and call for help - Some ways to help cool the body include removing head gear, removing or loosening clothing, resting in shade, and drinking water. If you suspect heat stroke, call for medical help immediately.

Athletico hopes everyone stays cool in the heat this summer and enjoys a safe summer workout. Learn more about protecting yourself from heat illness by reading, “Heating Up: Exercising in the Heat.

If you feel like you are suffering from a heat-related illness, please contact your physician. Should an injury occur during your summer workouts, schedule a free assessment at an Athletico clinic near you. Our team will take a look at your condition and recommend treatment options to help you feel better.

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