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Athletico Gives Back: 2019 Year in Review

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Since Athletico’s founding in 1991, our team has been committed to giving back to the communities where we live and work. This is why our teams participate in various charitable donations and volunteer efforts each year – and 2019 was no different.

This year, our teams supported hundreds of local events by providing stretching, athletic training services, educational lectures, free assessments, monetary contributions and in-kind donations. Our team is proud to support many community organizations and causes that matter. Take a look at the slideshow below to see a few of the ways our teams gave back in 2019.

A Commitment to Giving Back

At Athletico, our charitable giving initiatives are driven by a commitment to the communities we serve. We appreciate the support from all of the patients, partners and employees that help us give back to those in need each year.

Click the button below to learn more about our community involvement or to fill out a charitable giving donation request.

Community Involvement

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