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mentorship experience at athletico

Mentorship Experience at Athletico

by Owen Campbell, PT, DPT, OCS1 Comment

Starting a new role, new job, or new career can be a daunting task. Where do I go on the first day? Who are my co-workers? How will I grow? These are all common thoughts and questions on the first day of a new job. Athletico prides itself on developing its staff and living its core values daily. We have many options and opportunities for newly graduated clinicians and experienced clinicians alike. Athletico has the distinct advantage of having thousands of highly trained and engaged clinical minds to pull from as new employees start their careers with us.

Hot on the minds of most new graduates is “where will I get a mentor?” A good mentor is helpful for career advancement, but a mentor can be invaluable for a new graduate. All new clinicians who start with Athletico will be assigned a mentor on their start date. This mentor will meet regularly with the new hire providing key resources to accelerate day-to-day proficiency and perform weekly chart reviews to ensure documentation is at an ethical and robust standard, as well as observations and discussions in the clinic.

While a more seasoned clinician may not need this level of guidance, all levels of practitioners can benefit from Athletico University. This is not a physical location, rather a conceptual matrix of learning opportunities consisting of online, and in-person clinical training delivered by internal and external specialists. Classes are held regularly in-person, virtually, or as a hybrid of the two and are open to all clinicians (or most, depending on prerequisites).

All clinicians who have graduated in the past two years will experience our formal Clinician Mentoring Program focused on skill development. The program’s goal is to provide clinical mentoring to our new employees during their first year of employment, through a combination of online eLearning in MedBridge and individual live clinical mentoring sessions. Therapists with two or more years of experience can apply for this program. In the program’s first seven months, a mentee will go through didactic training and in-person clinical mentoring on all major regions of the body, with regular coursework and check-ins. Mentees are encouraged to be self-directed and drive the learning process to fit their curiosity.

Athletico also has clinical programs and specialty technique groups that share new research, discuss pertinent topics and changes in the industry, and provide mentorship support. Speaking from personal experience, I had an infant with torticollis, a diagnosis I hadn’t seen in a while. Within a day, I had an entire email exchange with a lead therapist for our pediatric specialty group. I was able to take that knowledge into the evaluation, and I could follow up as needed throughout the course of care. This comprehensive support offered through Athletico’s clinical programs and specialties simply isn’t available at smaller companies.

Our business is built on quality. We aim to make the patients we see become our biggest fans. The only way to achieve this is to continuously develop our talent to be the best they can be through our diverse and robust mentorship programs. Visit our careers page today to get your career started with the industry’s leader.

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Owen Campbell was a physical therapist at Athletico Physical Therapy at the time of this blog.

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  1. Daniel Archundia

    Hello, I am New Graduate Physical Therapist. I am inquiring about doing a shadowing/observation experience at an Athletico in Roscoe Village in Chicago (3436 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, Il 60657). How would I go to set that up?

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