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How Do I Know If Dry Needling Is Right For Me

How Do I Know If Dry Needling Is Right For Me?

by Peter Batz, PT, DPT, OCS, CMTPT/DN, AIB-VR/CONLeave a Comment

Most people have experienced some muscle tightness or pain in their lives. Many of those people have gone to get a massage or seen a chiropractor for an “adjustment.” They may have seen slight short-term improvements in their symptoms afterward, but symptoms often tend to return and remain a long-term issue. One popular technique within healthcare that has shown great promise for addressing and managing pain and tightness is dry needling. But what exactly is this “dry needling” we’re referring to?

Dry needling uses mono-filament needles (really skinny ones) to target trigger points in muscles that cause tightness and decreased strength. A trigger point is essentially a ball of tight muscle. This ball of muscle has a buildup of chemicals inside of it that is higher compared to the rest of your body. This tight ball does not allow the muscle to produce the full potential of its strength. When the needle hits a trigger point, it causes a “twitch response” or a muscle contraction. This is what we want!

Now, “Can dry needling help symptoms of my pain or tightness?” That answer could likely be yes. There is often a muscular component to people’s pain, which is what dry needling looks to address. By reducing the tightness in these muscles, we can take pressure off nerves and reduce pain symptoms. It has also been found that reducing a trigger point may help to make patients stronger as they can recruit their entire muscle at its full capacity.

Dry needling can help reduce symptoms, but it is also important to include a stretching and strengthening regimen to keep the symptoms from returning. If you have more questions about managing your pain, contact one of our movement experts for a free assessment. From there, they’ll can fully assess your current concerns and recommend the best treatment plan for your needs and goals. Free assessments are fast, safe, and convenient, which in-person and virtual options available through our telehealth platform. Get started today and put your pain in the past!

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Peter Batz is a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in orthopedics, vestibular therapy, headache/TMD, dry needling, ACL rehabilitation, and injury prevention. Peter graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He also completed an orthopedic residency through Evidence in Motion and obtained his Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS). He strives to get his patients back to performing at their peak levels so they can enjoy life to the fullest.

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