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I’m a Physical Therapist, and These Are 3 Reasons Why I Swear By Dry Needling For My Patients

Posted on by Peter Batz, PT, DPT, OCS, CMTPT/DN, AIB-VR/CON

When someone comes to physical therapy, what exactly are they looking for? The likely answer is to feel better in the quickest amount of time possible. As a new physical therapist, I often opted for manual therapy techniques to help relieve muscle tightness for my patients. Then, I started to add an instrument-assisted technique called Graston to the mix. I later learned about dry needling from my manager, and I saw many of my patients benefit from adding dry needling to their plan of care. What exactly is dry needling, though? And is it right for you?


Everyone is Talking About IASTM. What is it?

Posted on by Molly Knoblett, PT, DPT, CMPT, Graston Technique® Provider

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, or more commonly known as IASTM, is the use of tools to assess tissue quality and to treat areas identified to have scar tissue, soft tissue restrictions, chronic inflammation or degeneration.


Graston®: What Is It and Who Should Try It?

Posted on by Athletico

Most people go to physical therapy and expect to learn exercises to help with their pain or injury, such as stretches to improve their range of motion. Sometimes these interventions alone do not completely resolve the problem, but there are specialty techniques that can help, including Graston®(more…)

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