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Can Dry Needling Help?

Posted on by Stacie Cornwell, PT, DPT, OCS, Astym Cert.

Dry needling is an innovative treatment technique performed by a licensed physical therapist to help reduce or heal pain symptoms. This technique has many useful applications ranging from soft tissue involvement to nerve irritation. In general, it is primarily used to target trigger points (sensitive spots in soft tissue) and reduce tension of taut muscles.


Can Cold Weather Influence Pain?

Posted on by Kirk Johnson, PT, DPT

As a physical therapist, I frequently work with people who suffer from chronic pain. When the weather changes – including colder temperatures or air pressure changes – I frequently have patients asking why the weather seems to influence their pain symptoms.


Does Dry Needling Hurt?

Posted on by Stacie Cornwell, PT, DPT, OCS, Astym Cert.

You may have heard of (or saw pictures of) dry needling before. A common question for those unfamiliar with this treatment is, “does it hurt?”

The answer is yes and no; let me go into some detail of why:


Busy & Dizzy: Treating Dizziness with Physical Therapy

Posted on by Molly Runquist, PT, DPT, COMT

Nearly 40 percent of U.S. adults experience vertigo at least once in their lifetime.1 Symptoms may include feeling as if the room is spinning or just a general lightheadedness. Either way, these symptoms may interfere with your life. Complaints can vary in severity, but may be so severe that you are unable to work.


Q&A: What Does 500 Clinics Means to You?

Posted on by Athletico

October 2019 has been a very special month at Athletico Physical Therapy. Not only did we have the opportunity to honor our wonderful clinicians in recognition of National Physical Therapy Month, but we are also celebrating a milestone – reaching 500 clinics!


PT Month 2019: Celebrating Athletico’s Impact

Posted on by Athletico

Every October during National Physical Therapy Month we highlight the impact that our clinicians have on the lives of patients within the communities where we live and work.

As we take a look at the impact the Athletico team made in 2019, there are a few categories that stand out, including patient satisfaction, clinical excellence and community support. For instance, did you know that 98 percent of patients would recommend their family and friends to Athletico? This satisfaction rating stems from the superior care delivered to patients from our clinicians, many of whom have pursued advanced certifications to improve upon their expertise and skillsets.


Can Physical Therapy Improve My Balance?

Posted on by Kyle Dodge, PT, DPT, OCS

Balance is simply defined as an individual’s ability to maintain their center of gravity over their base of support. Lean over too far beyond your base of support, and you’ll be falling to the ground. Narrow your base of support too much and it doesn’t take too far to lean before you lose your balance. That’s one reason that so many falls happen in the mid stance phase of the gait cycle when you’re standing on only one foot and have a significantly reduced base of support.


What to Expect when Recovering from Rotator Cuff Surgery

Posted on by Athletico

The rotator cuff is made up of four small muscles that surround the shoulder joint. These muscles work as stabilizers to keep the ball of the humerus (which is the long bone in the upper arm) in the right position at the center of the shoulder joint.


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