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Athletico Physical Therapy partnered with the SAFE Project to form a National Opioid Reduction Partnership. This partnership aims to educate individuals on the risks associated with opioid medications and provide practical solutions to communities, campuses, workplaces and active-duty service members, veterans, and their families on safer ways to manage pain.

”As a healthcare provider, we know the opioid crisis is affecting every community across the U.S., including those where we operate. Our mission is centered on patient care, and we are committed to providing safer options for individuals to treat pain and improve their quality of life without the use of prescription medications. Our partnership with the SAFE Project gives us an opportunity to bring more awareness to this important issue and potentially help save lives.” – Ron Rodgers, CEO

As a first step to this partnership, Athletico has joined SAFE Project’s “No Shame” movement to combat stigma in our nation, because there is No Shame in seeking assistance for or speaking about mental health and addiction challenges. The No Shame pledge will also help encourage others to seek help and speak out about addiction.

Take the #NoShame Pledge Below And Help Stop the Stigma:

  • I understand that addiction is a disease, and I pledge to eliminate the stigma for individuals, family members, and friends experiencing it.
  • I commit to learning more about the disease of addiction and to changing the conversation surrounding it. I support those facing these challenges and want to provide them with a shame-free environment to overcome them.
  • I will learn more about factors that contribute to addictive behavior – such as mental health challenges and trauma – and encourage individuals to seek the help and treatment needed to address them.
  • For individuals in recovery, I pledge to support them in their recovery journey by providing supports, not barriers, as they continue their path of leading a self-directed safe, productive, and successful life.

Take the Pledge

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