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Athletico Physical Therapy and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association want you to know that “We’ve Got Your Back.”

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Sore Back? You and Most Americans Could Benefit from an Athletic Trainer

Back pain is a common problem that affects millions.  In fact, eight out of ten people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.  Whether you wrenched your back in a weekend tennis game, strained it by lifting a heavy load, or are experiencing pain from being slumped in an office chair all day, help is available. Athletic trainers, healthcare professionals who work together with physicians and physical therapists, can prevent, recognize, treat and rehabilitate sore backs and other injuries.

National athletic training monthMarch is National Athletic Training Month. Athletico Physical Therapy and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association want you to know that “We’ve Got Your Back.” Following are some common back problems and how athletic trainers can alleviate your pain and get you back to your daily activities:

  • Low back pain – Pain in the lower back is extremely common. If you suffer from frequent lower back pain, it could mean your muscles are too tight or not tight enough. An athletic trainer can analyze your flexibility and muscle symmetry and help you improve your mobility, stability and strength to lessen the pain or prevent future injuries.
  • Herniated disc – Sometimes called a slipped disc, this occurs when the spongy discs that cushion your spine become damaged and bulge. This can be quite painful. Athletic trainers can work with your physician and physical therapist to design exercises to help strengthen your back as well as provide guidance to prevent you from reinjuring it or making it worse.
  • Stress fracture – A stress fracture in the lower spine, called spondylolysis, can cause one vertebra to slip forward over the other. It is common in adolescents, as well as in gymnasts, weight lifters and football players who put a lot of stress on their lower spine. Athletic trainers can do a mechanical analysis to determine the exact location and extent of the problem. They can also work with you to prevent further injury by showing you the proper way to sit and move, providing a brace to stabilize your lower back, and teaching you exercises to strengthen your core.
  • Tailbone trouble – A simple misstep can lead to a fall on your coccyx (tailbone) – the bottom tip of your spine – and the resulting pain can make sitting difficult. An athletic trainer can help by providing a number of treatments, including ultrasound, biofeedback, heat, ice, stretching and exercises.

Unfortunately, there are many other ways to injure your back. Luckily, an athletic trainer can provide guidance and treatment to alleviate or ease the pain. If you are experiencing pain in your back – or anywhere else – Athletico offers complimentary 30-minute injury screenings. These include an assessment of your condition, suggestions on how to care for it, and a plan for next steps such as stretching, exercise, and ways to prevent the injury or pain from happening again. For more information, click here.

Athletico Athletic Trainers

Athletico currently employs 213 Certified Athletic Trainers, representing 70 institutions nationwide. These highly skilled health professionals work under the direction of physicians and alongside physical therapists to provide optimal health care. They specialize in the prevention, evaluation, immediate care and rehabilitation of injuries. If you are interested in learning more about Athletico’s athletic training services, please click here.

National Athletic Training Month

National Athletic Training Month is held every March in order to spread awareness about all that athletic trainers do to help keep people safe and healthy all year round. This year’s theme is “We’ve Got Your Back” which serves as a reminder that athletic trainers are here to support you everywhere – on the field, in the office and at home.  For more information, visit


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