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Playing Cast

What is an Athletico Physical Therapy Playing Cast

An Athletico playing cast allows you to return to your level of play while protecting yourself, your teammates, and the opposition. Every body is an athlete. Protect it.

All playing casts should be approved by the official prior to play.

Cost self-pay: $120

  • Please note insurance companies do not consider these devices medically necessary resulting in the self-pay cost.

Common Injuries that benefit from a playing cast:

  • Wrist fracture
  • Scaphoid fracture
  • Thumb fracture or sprainPlaying Cast
  • Metacarpal fracture or sprain

Benefits of a playing cast:

  • An Athletico Physical Therapy playing cast provides greater protection for the fracture compared to other available home bandages.
  • Ensure a custom, safe, and protective fit while providing stability for every athlete’s level of play and protecting other participants at the same time.
  • Easy to remove, reuse, and reapplied by an Athletico Athletic Trainer.

You need a playing cast, now what?

  1. Athletes must have a prescription from a physician stating: Fabricate playing cast and specification of the cast required to support the injury.
  2. Call your local Athletico Physical Therapy that offers Occupational Therapy to set up an appointment
  3. Find an Athletico location near you that is trained in the fabrication of these devices.


Find an Athletico.