Helmet Fitting Tips

Whi2017 national athletic training monthle all leagues and teams require helmets, many coaches, players and parents don’t know exactly how to choose a helmet that will provide the right protection. We have developed a step-by-step guide to educate parents, athletes and coaches on selecting and wearing helmets.

Proper Fitting Tips for Protective Equipment

  • Always follow manufacturer’s guidelines when fitting any helmet
  • Hair should be wet when fitting any helmet
  • Each part of the helmet serves a purpose
    • Attention to detail and wearing every helmet properly ensures maximum protection
  • Never cut corners
  • Replace any helmet that has been damaged
  • Look for the NOCSAE seal of approval
  • Comfort is key
  • If your helmet is fitted properly but not comfortable, explore other options

Batter’s Helmet

According to Moms Team, Baseball and Softball players account for 45% of all facial injuries in common sports – wearing a properly fitted helmet can significantly reduce the risk of these types of injuries.

  • 2017 national athletic training monthPut helmet on to ensure proper fit – Hair should be wet when fitting the helmet
  • Obtain helmet size by measuring the circumference of the head, ½’’ to 1’’ above eyebrow
  • Helmet should be snug around entire head There should be no gaps/spaces between head and helmet
  • Athlete should not wear anything under batter’s helmet (i.e. baseball hat)
  • Ear holes should line up with athlete’s ears, ensuring the helmet is not sitting too high or low
  • Athlete should be able to see forward and side-to-side without obstruction

Women’s Lacrosse Goggle 

According to Health News, A recent mandate came out requiring all female scholastic lacrosse programs to wear protective eye wear has significantly reduced the risk of eye injury during play.

  • 2017 national athletic training monthPrevents rare, but catastrophic eye injury
  • Put helmet on to ensure proper fit – Hair should be wet when fitting the helmet
  • Proper fitting should be based on manufacturer’s guidelines
  • When worn properly, these goggles should fully encompass the athlete’s eyes and surrounding anatomical structures
  • Goggles should be snug and stay in place during activity
  • Vision should not be impaired when wearing goggles

Full Cage Hockey Helmet

According to the Jama Network, Reports indicate that injuries amongst hockey players are two times more likely to sustain facial laceration or dental injury by wearing a half face shield vs a full face shield.

  • 2017 national athletic training monthProtect face, mouth, nose, eyes, head
  • Put helmet on to ensure proper fit – Hair should be wet when fitting the helmet
  • Can be worn using wire cage, face shield, or a combination of both
  • Obtain helmet size by measuring the circumference of the head, ½’’ to 1’’ above eyebrow
  • A properly fitted helmet sits flat on the head and ½’’ above eyebrows without tilting forward or back
  • Snug fit, with chinstrap fitting firmly under the chin

Football Helmet

According to American Academy of Neurology, When wearing a football helmet an athlete decreases their chance of concussion by 20% and risk of skull fracture by 70% when compared to not wearing a helmet.

  • athletico football helmet fittingMeasure head circumference
  • Put helmet on to ensure proper fit – Hair should be wet when fitting the helmet
    • Helmet should sit 1’’ above athlete’s brow, ear holes should line up with athlete’s ears
    • Tight, but comfortable – Use air bladder pump or padding for adjustment needs
    • Helmet should move with athlete’s head when tugged
  • Fit first, strap second
    • Chinstrap cup should be even and aligned with athlete’s chin
    • Chinstrap is NOT a tightening device, helmet should feel snug without the strap fastened
    • All chinstraps should be secured to ensure even fit

March is National Athletic Training Month (NATM), and because this year’s NATM theme is Your Protection is Our Priority, Athletico’s athletic trainers have developed sport-specific helmet tips to educate athletes, coaches and parents on hot to wear helmets that fit comfortably and provide maximum protection.

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