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Pain got you Sidelined? Choose a Safer Way to Manage Pain

Some injuries are unavoidable – kids will fall, run into each other, and unfortunately, accidents happen. Athletes take risks playing sports, and injuries are one of them. If an injury occurs, it’s important to let medical professionals, like Athletico athletic trainers or physical therapists, assess the injured athlete before resorting to medication.

If your student-athlete is experiencing a nagging pain or an injury, request a virtual free assessment with one of our experts.

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Think PT before Pills

The NIH found that opioid use is prevalent among high school athletes at similar rates to professional athletes.  As we approach the start of fall sports, Athletico Physical Therapy and SAFE Project want to educate individuals on the risks associated with opioid medications and provide practical solutions to communities and their families on safer ways to manage pain.

Physical therapy treats pain from its source while managing its effects on one’s mental and physical wellness. With a thorough evaluation and examination, physical therapists can pinpoint the functional impairments resulting in an individual’s pain. In doing so, we can develop a plan of attack to address the body’s physical ills. This mitigates the need for opioids and unhealthy pain management strategies. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends physical therapy as more effective in pain management when compared to opioids in all cases aside from cancer treatment, palliative care, and certain acute care cases with proper dosage.


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”As a healthcare provider, we know the opioid crisis is affecting every community across the U.S., including those where we operate,” said Ron Rodgers, CEO of Athletico Physical Therapy. “Our mission is centered on patient care, and we are committed to providing safer options for individuals to treat pain and improve their quality of life without the use of prescription medications. Our partnership with the SAFE Project gives us an opportunity to bring more awareness to this important issue and potentially help save lives.”
“People and families navigating substance use and mental health challenges are facing unfathomable consequences. While the COVID vaccine may slow the spread of one public health crisis, the overdose rate is expected to continue its deadly climb this year,” said Brandee Izquierdo, Executive Director of SAFE Project. “We are so proud to be partnering with Athletico, a company that shares our unwavering commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of the many communities we serve.”

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