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3 Reasons Why Working With A Men’s Pelvic Health Therapist Can Support Better Health In Your 30’s And Beyond

Posted on by Nate Mancillas, PT, DPT, MS CSCS

Despite sharing the same age, people in their 30s may find themselves at different stages of life. However, regardless of the path one’s life is on, one’s 30s are an opportune time to assess overall health, including pelvic health, as aging may begin to affect a person’s day-to-day life.

Men’s pelvic health physical therapy can be a crucial aspect of this focus. A men’s pelvic health physical therapist can offer professional guidance to navigate specific healthcare concerns. As you transition into this stage in your life, keep these things in mind and see if seeking a Men’s Pelvic Health PT specialist may be beneficial.


What to Know about the Male Pelvic Floor

Posted on by Brett Wapotish

At a recent patient evaluation, I read a prescription that stated the patient needed physical therapy for his “pubic floor.” I asked the patient if he meant pelvic floor and he confirmed that was what his wife had told him. This basically sums up how we as men view our pelvic floor, we are not cognizant it exists.


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