Outcomes and Satisfaction

Q: What do 98% of our patients have in common?
A:  They would recommend us to a friend.

When you recommend your friends and family to us, they’re in good hands.  Not because we say so, but because you do.  We monitor your satisfaction.  We hold ourselves accountable.

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Providing quality care and service to our patients make up the foundation of Athletico. To demonstrate this commitment to both our patients and referring physicians, we have partnered with Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. (FOTO®) to measure functional patient outcomes and patient satisfaction with national data comparison.

What is FOTO®?

FOTO full logo colorFOTO® is the largest and most valid external database for rehabilitation, measuring patient satisfaction and functional outcomes for musculoskeletal, industrial, neuromuscular, cardiopulmonary, and pediatric patients. Over 22,000 clinicians and 4,700 clinics are utilizing FOTO across the country. 5.3 million patient episodes.

During care at our facilities, our patients now complete a health status questionnaire using a mobile digital device at admission, mid-treatment, and discharge.  The data provided rates the patient’s ability to perform usual activities.  FOTO® then provides an external, standardized, comparative database management and reporting service.

What is the significance of partnering with FOTO®?

Outcomes and SatisfactionThe implementation of FOTO® within all of Athletico’s facilities has been a progression of advancements over the past twenty years. During this time, Athletico has diversified its services to meet the needs of its communities to include occupational/hand therapy, work rehabilitation, vestibular rehabilitation, women’s health therapy, and pediatric physical therapy, to name a few. To support these service offerings,

Athletico provides its employees post-professional education through in-house continuing education and an orthopedic clinical residency program supported by Evidence in Motion.

With all of these elements in place, the next step was to measure treatments, outcomes, and patient satisfaction. FOTO® provides the reporting tools and national data comparison, while new technology such as mobile digital devices have allowed a company of Athletico’s size to do so effectively and efficiently.

What are the benefits of FOTO® outcomes and patient satisfaction?

  • We are able to provide risk-adjusted comparisons of our level of quality and value to other providers of similar medical rehabilitation services. Risk adjustment parameters include such factors as care type, severity, age, acuity, and gender.
  • We are able to compare the level of functional improvement for each patient at discharge and the efficiency of the care as compared to similar, risk-adjusted patients seen by other medical rehabilitation providers.
  • We are able to provide outcomes reports for individual patients.
  • We are able to measure patient satisfaction in order to better understand and respond to patient needs.

By measuring our performance against providers all over the country, we can identify our strengths and improve on any areas requiring focus as it relates to functional outcomes and providing an exceptional experience to the patient.

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