Stretch of the Week: Eagle Arms

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski | 2 Comments

The final stretch of January’s month long shoulder love is…Eagle Arms! The full version of this stretch can be a little tricky, so I’ve provided an accessible beginner modification for everyone. This will stretch the deltoids and rotator cuff muscles, as well as the upper back slightly. I don’t advise doing this stretch for people with shoulder injuries. You won’t need anything but your arms for this one :)  (more…)

Resolve to Take Care of Yourself

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Have you made resolutions to start the New Year? Maybe you plan to save some money, lose some weight, or even start a new hobby. How about a resolution to simply take care of yourself? We often get caught up in taking care of everyone else and put ourselves last. It’s time to make a change and make yourself a priority in 2015! (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Shoulder Stretch

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Week 3! How are your shoulders feeling? Are you stretching daily? Couple times a week? Keep it up! This weeks shoulder stretch will take you through the shoulder’s range of motion from front to back. Again, this is a pretty straight forward stretch. I don’t recommend this stretch for people that have any shoulder injuries where it hurts to bring the arms above the head. (more…)

A Variety of Ways to Position Your Pillows to Reduce Pain

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Patients often report difficulty sleeping as a result of having pain when they lay down in bed. In response, therapists will commonly ask the patient what position they sleep in, how they position their pillow(s), and how many pillows they like to use.  Pillow positioning is a strategy that can be different for each individual.  Below are a few of the many examples of ways to position your pillows to reduce and prevent pain and improve your body alignment for a better night’s sleep!


Benefits of Foam Rolling for Hockey Warm-Up

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As a medical professional who not only works with the Chicago Blackhawks but also a large number of hockey players of all levels, one of the more recurrent questions I receive is, “how to adequately warm-up before taking the ice?” My answer is the foam roll, for a variety of reasons.


Stretch of the Week: Forearm Wall Stretch

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This weeks stretch is called forearm wall stretch. It’s not so much a forearm stretch as it is a shoulder, upper back and chest stretch. The only thing you’ll need for this stretch is a sturdy wall :)

I don’t recommend the stretch for people with severe shoulder injuries or upper back injuries. (more…)

Athletico Podcast Episode 16: Do You Know What a FOOSH Is?

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This week on Athletico Podcast Episode 16 we are talking with Nicole Kauppila, Director of Occupational Therapy Services at Athletico Physical Therapy. She enlightens us about FOOSH injuries. FOOSH injuries are a way of describing the mechanism of injury sustained while falling on an outstretched hand. We hear all about distal radius fractures and what you can do to prevent falls and minimize your risk during the winter season. (more…)

5 Tips for a Healthy Playoff Watching Experience

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Here we are: January – where college football and the NFL playoff games are in full swing. This usually means that my couch game is in full swing, with me parked on the couch for hours at a time watching other people being active. However, this year will be different. I’ve developed a 5 pronged approach to a healthy playoff watching experience this season, based on increased activity, healthier snacking options and better football watching mechanics (seriously). As always, consult with your physician before trying any new exercise or eating routine. (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Cow Face Arms

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January is all about loosening the shoulders up! This month we will take a look at four different stretches that will loosen up the muscles in the chest, the shoulder girdle, and in the front and back of the arm. Please remember to honor your body and not overly push yourself in these moves. The shoulder has a very wide range of motion and can be easily injured if stressed too far, so please listen and be aware of what your body is telling you.  (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Child’s Pose

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski | Leave a Comment

The final stretch of this month is what we call in yoga, child’s pose. It’s a wonderfully grounding stretch. If you feel stressed out, its nice to calm the nerves and mind. Especially with the holidays the past few weeks, this stretch is an excellent one to end the month with. The benefits of this stretch are: clams the brain and helps relieve stress, stretches the hips and thighs, and stretches the ankles as well. This pose is again not recommended for people with severe knee injuries or if you are in your third trimester of pregnancy. (more…)

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