Athletico Podcast Episode 7: Marathon Training and Recap

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This week we have a special show on training for a marathon and we get to here an immediate real life experience from Physical Therapist, Chris Martin. Chris tells us about training and what his experience has been now having run his second marathon. We also get to here about the highlights of running the Chicago marathon and how running with his wife got him through the race. And of course, we also talk
about injuries, prevention and how to make your next marathon one of your best.


AC Sprain and How to Recover

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The shoulder is an important joint that is used throughout daily life. Once it becomes injured it can be very difficult to maintain a normal lifestyle. One joint effected by shoulder injury is the acromioclavicularjoint or more commonly referred to as the AC joint. (more…)

Debut Marathoner Series: 5 Tips for Recovering from Your First Marathon

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Congratulations, you have completed your very first marathon! Now what? Use the following recovery tips to help you feel your best in the days and weeks ahead. (more…)

Athletico Podcast Episode 6: Should I Put Ice on this or What?

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In this week’s episode we talk to Certified Athletic Trainer, Lindsey Otte, about
when to use ice or when to use heat. (more…)

Anxiety and Depression Associated with Physical Pain

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“Thats the thing about pain.  It demands to be felt.”- John Green

Early on in college, I decided in addition to majoring in physical therapy, I would also major in psychology.  Why?  I felt that if I was going to treat and understand the physical aspect of a person, I better understand a little bit about the brain, thoughts and emotion of an individual.  After all, each of us is not just a body or a brain.  We have both.  Why is it that it’s readily accepted as the “norm” if you mention you have knee arthritis or back pain, however, it becomes taboo to discuss the psychology or emotion that may be involved with that pain?  I firmly believe that the psychology of what one is experiencing is extremely important to discuss and address. (more…)

Athletico Podcast Episode 5: Get Started Running and Change Your Brain

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This week on Athletico Podcast Episode 5, we are talking about how to get started running and also, how regular exercise can change your brain. I’m going to use fancy words like neurogenesis and synapses. Yes, regular exercise and movement can and will change your brain for the better. (more…)

Breast Cancer Post-Surgical Physical Therapy Care

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If you have experienced breast cancer, some of the toughest battles you may face are the emotional anxiety caused by the diagnosis and the uncertainty about your future. What you may not know, however, is that physical therapy can help you overcome the physical challenges brought on by surgery.  (more…)

Debut Marathoner Series: Adding Dynamic Stretching to Your Race Routine

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Debut Marathon Dynamic Stretching Race Routine
You have been training for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon for months and are about to enter the final “stretch”. You are probably starting to think about race morning and your pre-race routine that day.  If not, it is a good time to start. It is important not to forget one of the most crucial and often overlooked parts of your routine…STRETCHING!  I highly recommend having a pre-race plan for stretching. Check out our latest Debut Marathoner Series Dynamic Stretching Race Routine. (more…)

Athletico Podcast Episode 4: Let’s Talk About Your Pelvis

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In this week’s podcast, we are going to be talking all about the pelvis and more specifically, the pelvic floor and urinary incontinence. We interview Physical Therapist Kelly Todd who is an expert in pelvic health therapy. (more…)

Screening for Breast Cancer

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When was the last time you performed a breast self-exam?  When I asked a number of women recently, the typical response was “not very often, but I know I should do it monthly.” Screening for breast cancer can be a scary topic, but with regular self examinations it doesn’t have to be. (more…)

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