Stretch of the Week: Seated Twist

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Week three of October brings us to a seated twist with a chair. Try to use a chair that does not swivel, otherwise this stretch will be hard to accomplish.

You will also need a book or yoga block or something similar in density and size.

The only contraindication for this twist is if you have severe sacral issues.

How to:

1. Sit on the edge of the chair. The feet are under the knees for a 90 degree angle. Place the book/block or whatever you have on hand (even a rolled up sweat shirt would work!) between the knees. Make sure the knees are even.

2. Inhale and lengthen the crown of the head toward the ceiling. Exhale, pulling the belly button to the spine, and twist to the left. Place the back of the right hand on the outside of the left thigh. Then press the left Palm into the back of the chair as shown in the left photo marked yes.

3. Keep the knees even by squeezing the object between them. This will keep the pelvis from rotating and will also isolate the twist to the mid to upper back. Feet stay pointed forward!

4. While in the twist keep inhaling to lengthen and keep the spine straight, as well as exhaling pulling the belly in to twist further. You do not want to look like the photo on the right marked no, all hunched, feet staggered, and legs not aligned. The No photo can possibly aggravate low back/sacral issues so it is VERY important that you keep the feet/knees together and the spine erect.

5. Stay here for 5-8 breaths and then repeat on the other side!


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