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Stretch of the Week: Standing Shin Stretch

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Hello! Welcome to November’s weekly stretch. This month we will be focusing on our shins. For those of you that have ever experienced shin splints, this month is for you! Our shin and calf muscles connect down into our feet, so these stretches will also help to keep your feet healthy!

The first week is a standing shin stretch. You will need a wall for assistance. The only contraindication is if your ankle is injured, please don’t do the stretch.

How to:

1. Stand facing the wall, a few feet away. Place the hands on the wall. Step the right foot back a few feet. Place the top of the foot to the floor, the toe nails will be on the floor. If you are really tight in the shin/ankle you may already feel a stretch here. I will give you three options for intensity.

Option 1. Photo marked Beginner: with the top of the foot on the floor, bend the knees slightly. Lower the right knee towards the floor just a bit. Press the top of the foot into the floor. The more you lean the body back the more intense the stretch.

Option 2. Photo marked Intermediate: from beginner position, straighten the right leg (you may have to shift the foot back to achieve this). Keep the body upright and lean back slightly into the top of the foot. The straight leg will increase the intensity.

Option 3. Photo marked Advanced: from intermediate position, lean so far back that the finger tips just touch the wall. The more body weight you shift back the more intense the stretch. Keep the leg straight and the body upright.

2.No hunching the back in any of these positions! Stay here for 30 seconds and then switch legs. You can do this three times for each leg. Enjoy!

Standing Shin Stretch

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