Stretch of the Week: Straight Legged Low Lunge

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Week聽2 of November聽is a straight legged low lunge with an added extension of the foot for a shin stretch. It sounds complicated but I promise it’s pretty simple! 馃檪

You will need two yoga blocks (or something similarly sturdy) and a blanket for cushion.

The contraindications for this stretch are if you have severe knee problems or have trouble getting to the floor, then please do not attempt the stretch.

How to:

1. Kneel on a folded blanket. Take the right foot forward for a low lunge. Use the blocks for support under the hands. Extend the right leg until it is straight.

2. Make sure the left hip and knee are stacked over each other. Pull the right hip back as you bring the left hip forward. This will get the pelvis level and hip points forward. Keep that action going through the entire stretch!

3. Extend the right foot towards the floor like you are pushing a gas petal down. Try to get the ball mound of the foot (joint under the big toe) to the floor. It may not reach all the way but keep that action going as this is the way you are stretching the shin. Your alignment should stay as listed above, and you should look like the top photo marked yes.

Tip: Refrain from letting the hips slide back towards the heels and hunching the shoulders. Don’t allow the front foot to point to the ceiling. You do not want to look like the bottom photo marked no.

4. To increase the stretch you can fold over the front leg. Keep the back straight! This will also give you a hamstring stretch. 馃檪 Stay here for 30 seconds to a minute. Repeat on other side.

Straight Legged Low Lunge

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