Stretch of the Week: Partner Stretch for the Shins

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The final week of November brings us to a partner stretch for the shins. It’s a great segue into December where we will be doing partner stretches the entire month! So stay tuned!

You will only need another person for this stretch. Any friend, family member, or acquaintance will do 馃檪

How to:

  1. The person receiving the stretch will lay on the floor on his/her back with his/her legs straight. The person assisting the stretch will kneel down at the end of the other person鈥檚 feet.
  1. The person on the floor will point his/her knee caps to the ceiling, so the legs aren’t flopped to either side. The person assisting the stretch will place his/her hands on the tops of the partner鈥檚 feet so his/her fingers wrap over the toes towards the soles of the feet. (See photo)
  1. The person on the floor will start to point his/her toes towards the floor. The partner will gently assist the stretch by pressing into the tops of the feet with his/her hands as shown in the photo.
  1. And that’s it! Partners, check in with each other so as not to cause pain. You can hold the stretch for 15-20 seconds and repeat 3-5 times. Then switch places so you both get a stretch!

Make sure to check back in during December for more partner stretches!

Partner Shin Stretch

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  1. Greg P

    Good one…

    I do a “partnerless” version that seems to be effective. While kneeling, I place a foam roller under the top of my toes so the lower leg is elevated. This stretches the instep and shin. The stretch can be lengthened by sitting back on the calves.

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