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Stretch of the Week: Forward Fold Partner Stretch

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The second week of December brings us to a forward fold partner stretch. Even people who cannot touch their toes when bending forward can still do this one. If you have a hamstring injury I would not recommend performing this stretch.

You will not need anything for this stretch other than another person. 馃檪

How to:

  1. Stand about a foot apart from each other with your backs facing. Exhale and you will both fold forward at the hip joint. Bend the knees and reach the fingertips to the floor.
  1. Carefully and cautiously take little steps back until both of your sit bones meet. Keep about one inch between the big toes on both of your feet. You will most likely not be able to get your and your partner鈥檚 heels to touch, that’s totally ok. If you are not use to forward folding, touching the heels will probably make you off-balance.
  1. Now reach your arms back on either side of your legs. You are each reaching back for your partner鈥檚 wrists. 聽Once you have ahold of each other’s wrists you can straighten the legs and fold a little deeper by pulling the belly button towards the spine. If you are experiencing low back pain don’t bend as far and make sure you’re keeping the abs engaged. Whenever we forward fold we try to keep the spine straight and flat but in this partner forward fold you can round the upper back just a little bit.

As you can see in the photo below, you can do this stretch with someone who is very flexible and someone who is not quite as flexible. You will both get a benefit from it.

  1. Stay here for eight to 10 breaths. To come out of the stretch release the wrists, take a few steps away from each other, bend the knees and straighten聽to standing.Stretch of the Week 2 - Forward Fold Partner
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