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Stretch of the Week: Lateral Sway Partner Stretch

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We are halfway through the month of December, wow! I feel like everything is going at super speed with the holidays approaching! So let’s take a moment to stretch it out and slow it down with this week鈥檚 stretch.

I call this one a Lateral Sway Partner stretch. The contraindications for this stretch are shoulders injuries, if you can’t bring your hands above your head, don’t do this one.

How to:

  1. Stand facing your partner with your feet hip distance apart. Place your hands on his/her shoulders. One person鈥檚 hands/arms will be on the inside and the other person鈥檚 on the outside.
  1. Start to step backwards, together until your hips and shoulders are in a line. Essentially the backs are flat. Each partner鈥檚 hips and feet are in line as well. Think a 90 degree angle here, as shown in the top photo.
  1. The person with the hands on the inside will feel the stretch more. When you’re parallel to the floor you’ll feel it in the sides of the body, maybe even into the arms. Keep the belly buttons sucked in to the spine so you aren’t sagging to the floor. This will protect your lower back as well. You only want to feel the stretch in your shoulders, side bodies and maybe some in the upper back.

Stay here for a few breaths.

  1. You can intensify the stretch through one side of the body by swaying and turning to look up under the armpits. First agree which way you’re going though, so you both turn simultaneously. 馃檪 Keep turning to look towards the ceiling as shown in the bottom photo.

Stay here for a few breaths. Then do the other side.

  1. Remember to switch off the hand/arm placement so the other person gets a more intensified stretch as well! Repeat directions above for both sides. 馃檪聽Stretch of the Week 3 - Lateral Sway Partner stretch
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