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Stretch of the Week: Lizard on a Rock

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For the final week of December we will be doing one of my absolute favorite partner stretches ever! I call this one Lizard on a Rock.

You will need a mat for this stretch. Please do not perform this stretch if you have severe knee problems or have great trouble reaching overhead.

How to:

  1. Decide who will be partner A and who will be partner B. Partner A will come into child’s pose on the mat, as shown in photo marked 1. The arms are outstretched on the floor and the sits bones are reaching back to the heels.
  1. Partner B will gently sit down on partner A’s sacrum, as shown in photo marked 2.
  1. Partner B will begin to lower themselves onto partner A’s back. B will scoot down so the sacrums touch, and partners are back to back, as shown photo marked 3.
  1. Once in position, partner B will reach arms over head, and then partner A will also reach overhead to grasp B’s wrists as shown in photo marked 4.


  1. From here A will gently pull on B’s wrist for a slight traction. B will extend and straighten their legs to the floor, hip distance apart keeping their feet flexed, as shown in photo below. Partner B will get a stretch from the fingertips all the way down the front body to the toes. Partner A will benefit by sinking deeper into child’s pose. It’s a win, win situation 馃檪 stay here for as long as you both like. Talk to each other and let each other know when you’re ready to come out of the stretch.


  1. 聽Please don’t just sit up when you are finished. Getting out of this position is part of the fun! To come out of the stretch, partner A will release partner B’s wrists as shown in photo marked 6.
  1. Partner A will place their hands under their chest and gently start to press up. Partner B will stay totally relaxed, as shown in photo marked 7.
  1. Partner A will continue to walk their hands back towards their knees as they come up to seated, and partner B will just slowly slide down their back, as shown in the photo marked 8.
  1. Partner B will come all the way to the floor with their sit bones as partner A gradually comes to seated as shown in photo marked 9.



  1. Take a moment to be relaxed. Then switch roles so you both get the delicious feels of this stretch! Enjoy 馃檪
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