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4 Ways to Prepare for the Physical Therapy Board Exam

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Three years of school, clinicals and countless hours of studying will culminate in a few short days with the physical therapy board exam. As a physical therapy student, this is what you’ve been working toward and we at Athletico would like to wish you luck as you prepare to take the Physical Therapy Boards.

Although you have become well-seasoned at taking care of others, we would like to provide the following suggestions to help you take care of yourself leading up to exam time:

  1. Be Prepared

Think through what you will need for the day of the exam and make yourself a list. This list should include items like your ID, a sweatshirt and any test taking supplies. Use this list the night before the exam to get yourself prepared for the morning. This gives you less to think about on exam day, which means less time spent worrying that you’ve forgotten something important.

  1. Sleep Well

Sufficient sleep is linked to better attention, clarity and recall, in addition to other long term benefits. While the amount of sleep needed varies by individual, the National Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours for most adults. Make it a priority to get the sleep you need the night before your exam so that all your hard work and studying is fully supported by a rested mind.

  1. Get Centered

Centering or mindfulness has been shown to improve focus and reduce stress. Whether you do this through meditation, prayer or a walk, taking just five minutes to center yourself before the exam can pay off by helping you focus on processing the questions and thinking through the answers.

  1. Trust Yourself

You have spent a lot of time and energy to get to this point.  Trust in what you learned — the exam is just your opportunity to prove that!

From the entire Athletico family, we wish you the best of luck on the National Physical Therapy Board Exam!

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