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Quiz: Is PT The Right Profession for You?

Posted on by Rebecca Pudvah PT, DPT, CSCS, OCS

Are you uncertain on which career path is right for you? Are you considering pursuing healthcare, but unsure which track is most suited towards your preferences? Take this short quiz to see if the Physical Therapy profession is right for you.


4 Reasons Why I Love Being a Physical Therapist

Posted on by Tony Matoska PT, DPT, CMPT

I decided to become a physical therapist a long time ago when I shadowed a local physical therapist for a week. During that week, I was able to see the wide variety of patients he was able to help and guide through their recovery. He saw young and old, athletic and deconditioned, and confident and anxious. This was when I realized the tremendous impact a physical therapist can have on a patient’s life. From there, I fully committed to becoming a physical therapist, and now I’m well into my sixth year of working as one for Athletico. Being that it’s National Physical Therapy Month, I sat down and reflected on the many reasons why I love my job.


Why I Became a Physical Therapist

Posted on by Kirk Johnson, PT, DPT

Sometimes the road to finding ourselves and our calling is straight forward, sometimes it winds, and sometimes the path finds us. This is what happened to me. I had always been an athlete and enjoyed working out. I was fortunate not to be seriously injured during any sports, so I never experienced physical therapy as a means of recovery. Instead, I stumbled upon the field by accident.


6 Tips on Studying Smart for the NPTE

Posted on by Athletico

Here we are again, that time of year during which all new PT grads are cramming, studying and anxiously awaiting the upcoming National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE). Whether you’ve chosen to spend the time between graduation and the big test at work (and finally getting a paycheck) or taking a well-deserved break following three years of enigmatic and exhaustive education, the time has come to buckle down and get over one last hurdle. While it may seem at times an impossible task, know that there have been many before you that have gone through the trouble of learning what to do and what not to do in order to ensure success on the upcoming NPTE.


3 Reasons to Attend a Career Fair

Posted on by Athletico

Searching for a new job can be a long and grueling process. In addition to spending hours researching companies and applying to job postings online, job seekers oftentimes have to pass a phone interview before even meeting with a hiring manager.


4 Ways to Prepare for the Physical Therapy Board Exam

Posted on by Athletico

Three years of school, clinicals and countless hours of studying will culminate in a few short days with the physical therapy board exam. As a physical therapy student, this is what you’ve been working toward and we at Athletico would like to wish you luck as you prepare to take the Physical Therapy Boards.


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