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5 People Who Need a Massage Right NOW

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Although massage therapy is often thought of as a luxury, there are many people who could benefit from the preventative care technique. Not only does massage therapy aid in relaxation, but the practice can also reduce stress, lower blood pressure and enhance mobility. While everyone could benefit from a massage, there are some people who would be wise to take advantage of the service on a regular basis, including:

1. The Endurance Athlete or Weekend Warrior

It is summertime, which means that many people are out being active, including running, biking, swimming and golfing. These activities put your body to the test and getting a massage is a great way to prevent injuries. Remember, you do not want to wait until you are in pain to seek out a massage. For the athlete, the best time to get a massage is when you’re feeling good.

2. The Mom

Many moms find themselves counting down the days until school starts again, and for good reason. When kids are home, energy around the house is high and there is never a dull moment. Although the summertime is full of fun activities, it can also be exhausting. Because of this, moms should carve out a little time for themselves and remember that they cannot “pour from an empty cup.”

3. The Teacher

Teachers work hard all year long and summer is that brief respite to refresh and reclaim their sanity. To take advantage of the time left before school starts up again, teachers should book a massage therapy appointment to take care of their body that works so hard throughout the year.

4. The Landscaper and Gardener

Yard work can be hard on the body – especially the back. Hauling mulch, picking weeds and mowing the lawn are just a few of the many yard-related tasks that can leave your body feeling tired and drained. If your body is feeling the impact of your yard-work efforts, schedule a good rehabilitative massage therapy session to start the healing process.

5. You!

Even if you don’t fall into one of the above categories, you still deserve massage therapy. Massage is an important part of maintaining optimum health. Plus, getting a massage can help with pain, circulation, posture and so much more. Not only do you deserve a massage, but your body will thank you for getting one.

As a society, we have a tendency to “tough it out” and “fight through” pain, but most of the time we are suffering for no reason. A good clinical massage can offer amazing relief.

If you’re interested in massage therapy, contact Athletico now to find a clinic that offers massage therapy near you!

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1 Comment

  1. Ellen Hughes

    You got my attention when you said that you should consider getting a massage therapy to make sure that you’ll get help with pain and posture. My co-workers and I have been talking about the back pains that we have been experiencing at work. We wanted to ensure that our back pains won’t affect the way we work, so we’ll be sure to consider a corporate chair massage.

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