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Stretch of the Week: Flexion/Extension Foot Exercise

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In the last week of September we will be performing a combination of movements from week 2 and week 3 of this month, so make sure you go back and check them out!

The Flexion/Extension Foot Exercise that we are performing requires a resistance band. Don’t have one? You can pick one up for a very affordable price at your local Athletico or off of Amazon!

If you have any foot, shin or calf injuries, please do not perform this week’s stretch.

How to perform:

Tip: You can do this exercise seated with one leg pulled in as shown in the photos, or you can do it while sitting in a chair, with the leg performing the movements straight and the other foot planted on the floor. In either position, make sure you’re sitting tall. Place a folded blanket under you if you are on the floor and having trouble sitting up straight.

  1. From a seated position, extend your right leg straight. Place the resistance band around the top part of your foot. Flex the foot, bring your toes toward your face and gently apply resistance by bending your arms slightly. You should feel some stretch through the bottom of your foot and calf. This will also contract the shin muscles, strengthening them. Sit tall by pulling your belly button to your spine. Make sure your heel stays on the floor. Hold for an inhale and exhale. View a demonstration of this step in the top photo.
  1. After flexing your foot, extend (or point) your toes. You may feel the muscles of the calf and some within the sole of the foot contract, as well as a stretch along the shin and top of the foot. Still apply some resistance to the band by gently pulling on the ends. Hold for an inhale and exhale. Remain sitting tall. View a demonstration of this step in the bottom photo.
  1. Go back and forth between these two movements 10-30 times. Repeat with the opposite foot.

stretch of the week: flexion/extension foot exercise

This exercise is a great strengthener as well as a good stretch! Enjoy!

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