Stretch of the Week: Front Body Stretch

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For November’s Weekly Stretches I will teach you how to use a foam roller to stretch and self-massage the body.

If you do not own a foam roller I recommend purchasing one! It’s a very useful and affordable tool that can be purchased through one of our clinics. For the first week, we will be performing the Front Body Stretch, as well as a massage for the front of the thighs.

It is important to note that this stretch will require a bit of arm strength to roll yourself up and down the foam roll. In addition, if you have shoulder or low back injuries please skip this week’s stretch.

How to perform:

  1. Come to all fours, in a table top position (see photo 1). Place the foam roller under your pelvic region. Slowly lower yourself so the top of your thighs are resting on the roller. This should feel comfortable, so adjust as needed.

Photo 1

  1. For the Front Body Stretch: Press palms into the floor. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and down toward the tail bone. Press your belly button toward your spine to protect your low back. Keep legs straight and active! Your chest should stay wide and open to feel the stretch through the upper body and into your abdominal muscles. Hold this position for 30 seconds.
  1. For Massage: Begin to move yourself forward, walking with your hands, so the roller rolls toward your knees. Then roll yourself back so the roller comes to just below the hips as shown in photo 2 below. Keep your arms engaged, belly toward the spine and your legs active. You do not want to look like the ‘No” photo (photo 3) as too much collapse can lead to low back strain. This technique will massage the quadriceps muscles. Roll for roughly 5-10 minutes.

Photo 2

Photo 3

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