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Stretch of the Week: Trapezius Release Self-Massage

Posted on by Athletico

For 2017’s final stretch, we will actually be performing a self-massage. You will need a tennis ball or something similar, as well as the corner of a wall to perform this Trapezius Release technique.


Stretch of the Week: Front Body Stretch

Posted on by Athletico

For November’s Weekly Stretches I will teach you how to use a foam roller to stretch and self-massage the body.

If you do not own a foam roller I recommend purchasing one! It’s a very useful and affordable tool that can be purchased through one of our clinics. For the first week, we will be performing the Front Body Stretch, as well as a massage for the front of the thighs.


Stretch of the Week: Self Massage for the Lats

Posted on by Athletico

Happy Fall and welcome to the final week of September! This week I am providing a self massage technique for the lats.

You will need a foam roller for this stretch. You can purchase one for relatively cheap on Amazon! You have to be able to lay on the floor for this one as well, so the only contraindication would be if you are unable to get down and up from the floor. You could always try to use a wall instead.


Stretch of the Week: Self Massage Technique for the Forearm

Posted on by Athletico

Summer is coming to an end as we approach the last week of August. I’m a fall person myself but I will miss these hot days where my body is warm, making stretching a little more enjoyable! Did you know warming up the body makes you a little more flexible? I always do my stretching after some kind of exercise, even if it’s just taking a walk around the block! I highly recommend it, so this week I will be giving you a self massage technique that will help warm up those forearm muscles before you stretch:)


Stretch of the Week: Self Massage for the Neck

Posted on by Athletico

Week 3 of June brings us to a traction technique and self massage for the neck. Please use caution as always. If you have severe neck problems I would not recommend you do this one.  (more…)

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