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Stretch of the Week: Supported Backbend over Pilates Ball

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We are in the midst of the holiday season, and this week’s stretch aims to help those who will be sitting and traveling for extended periods of time.

The Supported Backbend over Pilates Ball stretch works the hip muscles, the front of the body and the arms. To perform this stretch you will need a 55 cm Pilates ball. Please skip this week’s stretch if you have any back injuries.

How to perform:

  1. Sit on the Pilates ball. Slowly walk the feet forward and roll until your back is on the ball. Then roll until the ball is supporting the upper back. Press your belly button to the spine to protect the low back area. Knees are bent and stacked directly over the ankles.
  1. Once in position you can take the arms over your head for a little deeper stretch. Arms stay active, imagine reaching for something, as shown in the “yes” photo.

*Do not disengage the abdominal muscles while in this position because it is not good for the low back. You do not want to look like the “no” photo.

  1. Enjoy this lovely supported stretch and remain in this position for up to five minutes. When finished, slowly slide your bottom to the floor to a seated position.

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1 Comment

  1. John. Neri

    Everybody at the Desplaines Athletico on Lee Street are incredible people that are very kind compassionate and very empathetic Melissa or they called her mouth she is the best she takes good care of me and really pushes me to keep going in my recovery sincerely

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