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Stretch of the Week: Reclined Frog Stretch

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Happy 2017! To start off the New Year, we will be stretching the muscles of the inner thigh. Many people may experience tightness in this muscle group, also called Adductors. For the first week of January we will perform a Reclined Frog Stretch, which is a gentle stretch with a longer hold.

You will need some wall space for this stretch. If you have difficulty getting up and down from the floor please do not perform this week’s stretch.

How to perform:

  1. Lie on your back on the floor, roughly a foot away from the wall. Make sure your tail bone and low back are flat on the floor. Place your feet on the wall. Aim for a 90 degree angle from heels to knees to hips as shown in the starting position photo.
  1. Walk your legs as wide as you comfortably can, while keeping your knees bent at 90 degrees. Rotate the feet out, so the inner arch is facing the ceiling, as shown in photo marked ‘Correct.’ Press your belly button to the floor so your low back doesn’t arch. Keeping your arms are out to the sides and rotating your palms upward will help keep your upper back to the floor.

Avoid the ‘incorrect’ position as seen in the image below. You want your knees and toes pointing in the same direction because it’s healthier for the knees.

  1. Stay in this position for up to five minutes. Assess how you’re feeling as you lie here and please come out of the position early if you feel any major discomfort in your knees, back or hips. Simply walk feet back together, then roll to the side and press your hands to the floor to come up to sitting.

reclined frog stretch

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